Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Poem by As-Sayyid Ar-Rawwas along with my translation

This poem was given to me by our blessed Shaykh Mu`adh Safwat (may Allah bless and enlighten him) I sang it and sent it to him and loved it, and felt it could be good if I translate it so that my brothers and sisters can enjoy the meanings...although the Arabic is far better than my broken English. It is written by As-Sayyid Ar-Rawwas Ar-Rifa`ie (may Allah bless his soul and benefit us with his barakat) InshaaAllah, I will be posting a bio of As-Sayyid Ar-Rawwas soon. The Arabic is here followed by my translation:

رأينا بديباج الوجود خيالَكم = وسرنا إليه لا عدمنا ظلالَكم
وطارت بنا الألبابُ من غير سائقٍ = إليكم وأمَّتْ في المرايا جَمالَكم
وسارت وقد أودى بمجموعها النوى = دجىً مُذ أثار السائقون جِـمالكم
رأيناكمو في كل بادٍ وطامسٍ = كأنّا جلوسٌ كلَ آنٍ قـُبالكم
فيا أيها الغـُيّابُ قد طال عهدُكم = فعودوا جعلنا الروحَ منا حلالـَكم
فإن كان هذا يستحيلُ بحقكم = ولو في الكرى لا تحرمونا مِثالكم
وقد تـُنقـَدُ الأرواحُ منا رخيصةً = لترْبٍ عليه قد وضعتم نعالكم
ألا طيّبوا بالله بالقـُربِ بالنا = على عجلٍ يا طيـّبَ اللهُ بالَكم
على كلِ حالٍ نحن حقاً عبيدُكم = وهذا مُنانا فافعلوا ما بدا لكم


In the beauty of universe, we have seen Your image
So, ran to you, may we never lose Your shades
Our minds have flown, without a driver
To you and looked at the reflection of Your Beauty
Driven with longing, wandering at night
It took every step towards Your to meet Your Caravan
In every obvious and hidden, we witnessed Your Grace
As if we are, in every minute, in Your Presence
Our beloved ones, we have not seen You for long
Return to us, may we sacrifice our souls for You
If impossible is gazing Your Countenance,
Then at least, give us a visit in our dreams
We love to pay our souls, a cheap price
For the dust where You placed Your Feet
By God, bless our life with Your closeness
Soon, may Allah bless Your hearts
In all cases, we are Your salves
Such is our wish, so do what You want


saeed rifaie said...

is this poem about prophet swallallahu alaihi wasallam?

Sophisticated Purity said...

Yes, It is indeed.... swallallahu alaihi wasallam