Friday, 22 February 2008

Good Advice

Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, since each of them is irreplaceable and, once gone, can never be retrieved. Do not be like the deceived fools who are joyous because each day their wealth increases while their life shortens. What good is an increase in wealth when life grows ever shorter? Therefore be joyous only for an increase in knowledge or in good works, for they are your two companions who will accompany you in your grave when your family, wealth, children and friends stay behind.

-Imam Ghazali

Modesty Is Beauty( For My Beautifil Muslim Sisters & Non Muslim Sisters to)

Article : To My Muslim Sisters

Author : Joanna Francis

Between the Israeli assault on Lebanon and the Zionist “war on terror,” the Muslim world is now center stage in every American home. I see the carnage, death and destruction that have befallen Lebanon, but I also see something else: I see you. I can’t help but notice that almost every woman I see is carrying a baby or has children around her. I see that though they are dressed modestly, their beauty still shines through. But it’s not just outer beauty that I notice. I also notice that I feel something strange inside me: I feel envy. I feel terrible for the horrible experiences and war crimes that the Lebanese people have suffered, being targeted by our common enemy. But I can’t help but admire your strength, your beauty, your modesty, and most of all, your happiness. Yes, it’s strange, but it occurred to me that even under constant bombardment, you still seemed happier than we are, because you were still living the natural lives of women. The way women have always lived since the beginning of time. It used to be that way in the West until the 1960s, when we were bombarded by the same enemy. Only we were not bombarded with actual munitions, but with subtle trickery and moral corruption.
They bombarded us Americans from Hollywood, instead of from fighter jets or with our own American-made tanks. They would like to bomb you in this way too, after they’ve finished bombing the infrastructure of your countries. I do not want this to happen to you. You will feel degraded, just like we do. You can avoid this kind of bombing if you will kindly listen to those of us who have already suffered serious casualties from their evil influence. Because everything you see coming out of Hollywood is a pack of lies, a distortion of reality, smoke and mirrors. They present casual sex as harmless recreation because they aim to destroy the moral fabric of the societies into which they beam their poisonous programming. I beg you not to drink their poison. There is no antidote for it once you have consumed it. You may recover partially, but you will never be the same. Better to avoid the poison altogether than to try to heal from the damage it causes.

They will try to tempt you with their titillating movies and music videos, falsely portraying us American women as happy and satisfied, proud of dressing like prostitutes, and content without families. Most of us are not happy, trust me. Millions of us are on anti-depressant medication, hate our jobs, and cry at night over the men who told us they loved us, then greedily used us and walked away. They would like to destroy your families and convince you to have fewer children. They do this by presenting marriage as a form of slavery, motherhood as a curse, and being modest and pure as old-fashioned. They want you to cheapen yourself and lose your faith. They are like the Serpent tempting Eve with the apple. Don’t bite.
I see you as precious gems, pure gold, or the “pearl of great value” spoken of in the Bible (Matthew 13: 45). All women are pearls of great value, but some of us have been deceived into doubting the value of our purity. Jesus said: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7: 6). Our pearls are priceless, but they convince us that they’re cheap. But trust me; there is no substitute for being able to look in the mirror and seeing purity, innocence and self-respect staring back at you. The fashions coming out of the Western sewer are designed to make you believe that your most valuable asset is your sexuality. But your beautiful dresses and veils are actually sexier than any Western fashion, because they cloak you in mystery and show self-respect and confidence. A woman’s sexuality should be guarded from unworthy eyes, since it should be your gift to the man who loves and respects you enough to marry you. And since your men are still manly warriors, they deserve no less than your best. Our men don’t even want purity anymore. They don’t recognize the pearl of great value, opting for the flashy rhinestone instead. Only to leave her too.
Your most valuable assets are your inner beauty, your innocence, and everything that makes you who you are. But I notice that some Muslim women push the limit and try to be as Western as possible, even while wearing a veil (with some of their hair showing). Why imitate women who already regret, or will soon regret, their lost virtue? There is no compensation for that loss. You are flawless diamonds. Don’t let them trick you into becoming rhinestones. Because everything you see in the fashion magazines and on Western television is a lie. It is Satan’s trap. It is fool’s gold.
I’ll let you in on a little secret, just in case you’re curious: pre-marital sex is not even that great. We gave our bodies to the men we were in love with, believing that that was the way to make them love us and want to marry us. Just as we had seen on television growing up. But without the security of marriage and the sure knowledge that he will always stay with us, it’s not even enjoyable! That’s the irony. It was just a waste. It leaves you in tears. Speaking as one woman to another, I believe that you understand that already. Because only a woman can truly understand what’s in another woman’s heart. We really are all alike. Our race, religion or nationalities do not matter. A woman’s heart is the same everywhere. We love. That’s what we do best. We nurture our families and give comfort and strength to the men we love. But we American women have been fooled into believing that we are happiest having careers, our own homes in which to live alone, and freedom to give our love away to whomever we choose. That is not freedom. And that is not love. Only in the safe haven of marriage can a woman’s body and heart be safe to love. Don’t settle for anything less. It’s not worth it. You won’t even like it and you’ll like yourself even less afterwards. Then he’ll leave you.
Sin never pays. It always cheats you. Even though I have reclaimed my honor, there’s still no substitute for having never been dishonored in the first place. We Western women have been brainwashed into thinking that you Muslim women are oppressed. But truly, we are the ones who are oppressed; slaves to fashions that degrade us, obsessed with our weight, begging for love from men who do not want to grow up. Deep down inside, we know that we have been cheated. We secretly admire and envy you, although some of us will not admit it. Please do not look down on us or think that we like things the way they are. It’s not our fault. Most of us did not have fathers to protect us when we were young because our families have been destroyed. You know who is behind this plot. Don’t be fooled, my sisters. Don’t let them get you too. Stay innocent and pure. We Christian women need to see what life is really supposed to be like for women. We need you to set the example for us, because we are lost. Hold onto your purity. Remember: you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. So guard your “toothpaste” carefully!
I hope you receive this advice in the spirit in which it is intended: the spirit of friendship, respect, and admiration. From your Christian sister – with love.
© 2006+ Joanna Francis

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Beware of what you eat

Someone sent me this on my email so I decided to post it up. Beware of what you eat, just because it looks pleasant.Does not mean that it taste nice.

An American was touring Spain.He stopeed at a local restaurant following a day of sightseeing. While sipping his sangria, he noticed a sizzling, scrumptious looking platter being served at the next table. Not only did it look good, the smell was wonderful. He asked the waiter, "What is that you just served ?" The waiter replied, "Ah Senor, you have excelent taste.Those are Bull tasticles from the Bull fight this morning, a delicacy "
The American, though momentarily daunted, said" What the hell, am on vacation bring me the order"
The waiter replied, "Senor I am very sorry.There is only one serving per day because there is only one Bull fight each morning.The next morning, the American returned, placed his order, and then that evening he was served the one and only special delicacy of the day.After a few bites, and inspecting the contents of his platter, he called to the Spanish waiter and said, "These are delicious, but they are to much, much smaller then the ones I saw you serve yesterday"
The waiter shrugged his shoulders and replied," Si Senor, sometimes the Bull wins"

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner " A Review

The Kite Runner Review

About a month ago, I was browsing Amazon and I finally decided to purchase Khaled Hossein's "The Kite Runner". I had heard great reviews about the much exclaimed book, when it finally arrived from Amazon, on time and in great condition looking majestically stunning. I knew it would be a good read.I finally started reading and I was shocked at the story line. The book was just awesome, absolutely amazing. My family being from the Asian sub-continent, I immediately understood the story line better then most. I have a very similar cultural heritage and exactly the same religion.Therefore, I competely understood the cultral lingo.This is why the book probably affected me more then most readers.It instantly reminded me of my family and my community. For a first novel from the author, it was amazingly written, Kahlid Hosseein was indeed a great story teller.The novel appealed to me in everyway, I found it ever so difficult to put the book down .The storyline had EVERYTHING.

It had the past and the present, it had a story of brotherhood and unity.The book was rich in warmth and humor. Being set in the silent Afghanistan which the world had forgotten.It is a story of friendship, true friendship the one that you wish you could have. The story was focused on two friends, and yet two brothers. It still contained a feisty releationship of a father and son, and sectarian violence.It contained rape and illicit affairs. It was a touching and such a honest story it made you wonder if it was true. A part of me still thinks it must have been based on a true story. Maybe it was the authors childhhood memories turned into a novel.You just do not write fiction like this.It was full of haunting images yet beautiful images.It made your heart think, it contains real compassion and humitlity.It was is a story of self development, purification and redeeming someones self.It is mind blowing better then any movie or television drama. Being based only on four main charchters Amir Jan, Hassan Jan, Baba and Ali. Funny enough they are all men, but the novel does contain some powerful women too.However, it should be noted that all the men are very different . I feel that the reader can relate to each on of them, as each one exists in us.


"UNFORGETTABLE ...extraordinary .
It is so poweful that for a long time after,
eveything I read seemed bland " ISABEL ALLENDE

Sunday, 3 February 2008


I was travelling in the masjetic land that is Istanbul,Turkey in the summer 2007 with my friends.What an amazing country, steeped rich in tradition and history. From beautiful minarets decorating the skyline, to friendly Turks giving you apple tea as you pass, and old men playing chess and praying on prayer beads, just watching the world go by.While in the Hagia Sophi/St Sophia, once an Orthodox church turned amazing Ottoman Mosque then turned into a boring meseaum. I came across a poem by J. Rumi, the great spritual Muslim Sufi master, I was istantly struck by its amazing beauty.

The poem is as follows :

In compassion and grace be like the sun.

In concealing other faults be like the night.

In anger and fury be like the dead.

In modesty and humility be like the earth.

In tolerance be like the sea.

Either appear as you are or be as you appear.

(Jalalududin Rumi)