Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner " A Review

The Kite Runner Review

About a month ago, I was browsing Amazon and I finally decided to purchase Khaled Hossein's "The Kite Runner". I had heard great reviews about the much exclaimed book, when it finally arrived from Amazon, on time and in great condition looking majestically stunning. I knew it would be a good read.I finally started reading and I was shocked at the story line. The book was just awesome, absolutely amazing. My family being from the Asian sub-continent, I immediately understood the story line better then most. I have a very similar cultural heritage and exactly the same religion.Therefore, I competely understood the cultral lingo.This is why the book probably affected me more then most readers.It instantly reminded me of my family and my community. For a first novel from the author, it was amazingly written, Kahlid Hosseein was indeed a great story teller.The novel appealed to me in everyway, I found it ever so difficult to put the book down .The storyline had EVERYTHING.

It had the past and the present, it had a story of brotherhood and unity.The book was rich in warmth and humor. Being set in the silent Afghanistan which the world had forgotten.It is a story of friendship, true friendship the one that you wish you could have. The story was focused on two friends, and yet two brothers. It still contained a feisty releationship of a father and son, and sectarian violence.It contained rape and illicit affairs. It was a touching and such a honest story it made you wonder if it was true. A part of me still thinks it must have been based on a true story. Maybe it was the authors childhhood memories turned into a novel.You just do not write fiction like this.It was full of haunting images yet beautiful images.It made your heart think, it contains real compassion and humitlity.It was is a story of self development, purification and redeeming someones self.It is mind blowing better then any movie or television drama. Being based only on four main charchters Amir Jan, Hassan Jan, Baba and Ali. Funny enough they are all men, but the novel does contain some powerful women too.However, it should be noted that all the men are very different . I feel that the reader can relate to each on of them, as each one exists in us.


"UNFORGETTABLE ...extraordinary .
It is so poweful that for a long time after,
eveything I read seemed bland " ISABEL ALLENDE

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