Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Aql aur Dil (Intellect and Heart) By Muhammed Iqbal

Found in the book ' The Intelligent Heart; The Pure Heart ' By Dr Gohar Mushtaq, Ta Ha Publications 2006, Page 19-21 Aql aur Dil "Intellect (brain) one day said to the heart: " I am a guide to those who have gone astray Though bound to earth, I reach the heaven above Just see how far reaching is my sway I am cast in the mould of the legendary Khidhr I am destined in the world to show the way I am the interpreter of the book of like I am an attribute of divine display You are only a drop of blood I am the envy of ruby's ray" "This is all true, replied the heart ' But look at me, be as it may You look at life's trauma and drama I see through life's white and grey You deal with outer manifestations And I am aware of the inner fray Knowledge is to you, intuition to me You see God, I show how to pray Limit of wisdom is restless doubting I am a cure for the malady of dismay You are a lantern to illuminate a spot I am a lamp to illuminate the path You deal with time and space I deal with Judgement Day To what lofty place do I belong? I am the pedestal of God Almighty, I say."

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