Sunday, 21 September 2008

Beyong Green Living

OVERWHELMED WITH GOING GREEN?Not sure where to start? Think that it is outrageously expensive and there is no way you could afford it? Are you interested but just cannot find the time or money to make the necessary changes? Or have you started and want to do only what is clean and sensible, avoiding all the hype? Where ever you are in the path to greener and cleaner living, Beyond Green Living is here to support, help, and guide your transformation.
WHY BEYOND GREEN LIVING?Because we are not about the hype; this is a way of knowing and being. As “green” gets more hip, what is truly good for us, the communities of the world, and our planet earth, gets more and more confusing. Beyond Green Living is about doing the necessary, the essential and the absolutely easiest changes that create a haven in your home. A haven where you body, mind and soul can eat, rejuvenate and play in good health, clean air, and with a clear conscious.
Beyond Green Living personal consultants are knowledgeable, professional and above all else, ready to help you transform to not only green, but clean living. Beyond Green Living…easy, affordable, and necessary change tailored to your life.

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