Saturday, 2 August 2008

Book Review: Roses are Red,James Patterson

I have been wanted to read Roses are Red for a long time, I was instantly attracted to the title and I knew James Patterson would write a good read. When I picked up the book and saw that it was “The No 1 International bestseller “ I was instantly attached to the book even with out turning a page yet. The book is solely base on the charismatic intelligent and hunky Detective Alex Cross. The book grabs you from the beginning as numerous banks in Washington DC area are robbed and the innocence big or small, young or old get awfully mutilated. The more you read the more puzzled you get who would commit these crimes. The FBI and the Police combine to catch the murders but to no avail. The more you read the more confused you get, James Patterson certainly has a unique style of capturing your imagination. More and more banks are robbed with meretriciously with planned accuracy and Alex Cross has finally met his match. The superb detective is loss and does not know where to start. His problems are growing and you really feel sorry for him. With his daughter Jannie suddenly suffering from a tumour, his relationship with his long term partner hanging by a thread and his mind is torn and tired he can not take it any more, the Mastermind appears and challenges him. Alex Cross must now put hit wits against the mastermind, and capture him before he strikes again. Patterson give us subtle hints to who the mastermind is but your mind is so confused with the twist and turns, your adrenaline level is high and you finally conclude that you simply do not know who the sadistic psychopath mastermind is. Patterson has you exactly where he wants you and you are forced to keep turning the pages with ever increasing speed. Cross is torn between his family commitments and the case, he has to find the balance but knows that they both need his attention, he cannot ignore the case and knows the risks that will come with hunting the Mastermind down. Can Cross win his family, outthink the bizarre psycho and save the day? I will leave it for you to find out I am not revealing anything just read the book, suspense, tension and pure

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