Friday, 21 March 2008

Don't send a 6 year old girl to her death - stop the deportation of Maria!

Maria Amen (God keep her smiling )

This is will hopefully stop the prevention of a deportation of a Palestinian child to her death.

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Maria Amen was wounded in 2006, when an Israeli missile struck her uncle's car, killing four members of her family, including her mother, grandparents and uncle. Maria herself, who was five at the time, had been left paralyzed up to her neck, and will never be able to breath without medical assistance. Maria is hospitalized in a Jerusalem rehabilitation hospice, the only one in Israel or Palestine capable of keeping her alive. Her permit to stay there expired, and the Ministry of Interior wants to deport her to the West Bank. THIS IS EFFECTIVELY A DEATH SENTENCE, as no other hospital has the medical equipment to help her breathe. At the moment Maria's case is before the High Court of Israel. This group is an online petition and a focal point for all those who think that this is a monstrous travesty which shouldn't be allowed to happen. Since not one government could care less about petition, we urge any and all members of the group to take action: if you are a journalist, write about Maria for your paper. If you are an activist, make your organization get involved. If you are member of a religious community, get any religious authority you can reach to issue a statement of concern - be it a mosque, a temple, a church or a synagogue. The pressure already raised by the family had the Ministry of Interior suddenly ask to postpone the hearing in the High Court . With more pressure - letters, statements, articles, phone calls - we can get them to give it up for good.

( By Dimi Reider, God bless her )

Please spread the word! Maria dear do not worry I support you, and pray for you.

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