Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Geroge W Bush

George W Bush

Every American President tries to leave a legacy behind.Something that people can remember of their time in the White House. Woodrow Wilson left the legacy of of the 14 points created the league of nations and shaped the treat of Versailles. Many years after him Lyndon B Johnson came to the DC and was remembered for his super social reforms (Great Society)which changed and shaped American society for ever. He introduced Medicare, Civil right laws and Medicaid.

George W Bush took his presidential office in 2000, The world had then just experienced the new Millennium, people expected a change with his presidency. With his fathers history in the white house, people expected George to hit the ground running.His father would have given him vital advice on how to be a good president one would have thought. Maybe George would introduce great social changes like Johnson, such as a welfare service which Americans so desperately want. Maybe their will be great economic change, ensuring economic growth for the long term.
Unfortunately, recently George W Bush has decided to focus his legacy on the Arab/ Israeli problem. Great idea George thumbs up. For a man that probably would not get a middle management position in a city firm, has no charisma and a very ideological view on life . He wants to solve the biggest problem on Earth. Guess what and he wants to try to solve it in 8 months before his time in DC is up.What a lame duck president ?

So many politicians and thinkers have tried to solve the Arab/Israeli problem, the problem that is a scar on this great planet. George W now wants to have a go, he wants a legacy.I do not understand he tried to make the world a safe place by eliminating terrorism. He tried to solve vigilante terrorism by using state terrorism. You can not solve terrorism by state terrorism George. Terrorism does not stop terrorism.He wants to stop terrorism by terrorism innocent children and families in the Iraq.If he wanted a legacy when he was elected why did he not focus on eliminating poverty. Every 20 seconds a young child dies in Africa, not because they are suffering from long term illnesses but just because they cant get a enough food to eat. This makes me feel sick. We are so advanced yet people are still dieing of lack of food. What has happened to us on this lame planet. Do we not have any morals or ethics?.If I was George and I was elected president in 2000, in the most richest and technological advanced country in the world. I would produce a Great Marshall Plan to eliminate poverty in Africa. Not spoon feed them, like a mother feeding her child. But just helping them in education. Africans do not need us to tell them them what a poor state they are in and spoon feed them. They want to help themselves.No one likes to be feel inferior and dejected.

Instead George W wants to solve the headache that is the middle east. George don't you think you have done enough in that vicinity all ready ?

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