Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Shaykh Nurettin Can Passes to the Mercy of his Lord

Assalaamu alaykum warahmutAllahi waBarakatuhu,

Dear brothers and sisters,

May I ask those who are able to recite Sura Ikhlas 3 times and a Fatiha for the soul of this great scholar.

Short Bio

During the regime of Attuturk some of the great Ottoman Scholars moved to Eastern Turkey to avoid the repression of the time.

Shaykh Nurettin Can rahimullah studied classical texts and was a Master of many outward disciplines including Hadith , Fiqh and Tafsir. He studied under many of the last of the great Ottoman Scholars.

He had ijaza in tasawuf but never taught any students this science.

Towards the end of his life he had people flocking to him to take ijazas in the outward sciences. People as far away as Indonesia sat in his madarasa in the Uskuder area of Istanbul.

The link to many DPers is that Sh Muhammad Yaqoubi was also his student and his teacher. Sh Muhammed spent much time at his home this last Ramadhan and I personally felt the love these great scholars had for each other.

Sh Nurettin also had one of the greatest book collections in the world.

May Allah perfume his resting place and make it into a garden of Paradise, Ameen

What Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi said concerning him :

I, with a lot of sorrow and grief, announce that the great erudite scholar and the dear brother and friend, shaykh Nurettin Jan of Istanbul passed away peacefully in Turkey on Wednesday evening, Oct. 26th, 2011 in his 60, after having been in coma for two weeks due a stroke he had as a result of irregular blood pressure.

Shaykh Nurettin was a dear brother and a close friend and I was deeply saddened by the news of his death; as it is a big loss for me on a personal, level and for the Muslim World; as he was not only a local scholar but well known and highly repsected in many countries; hundreds of scholars, professors and imams studied under him.

He devoted his life to the service of this deen and the sacred knowledge and its students. He suffered from several ailments due to his sacrifices when he was a child studying the shari'a sciences.

He told me many stories of the difficulties and the pain he had to go through during his early years of study in the towns South East of Turkey where his family of Kurdish descent lived. They had to study in secret to avoid being cought by the secular regime which banned private institutes. He would walk for miles in the snow with freezing temprature from a village to another because of not having enough money to take any transportation. He and his classmates would share few dry olives every morning in the school, which was a room in a cellar with no ventolation often sealed during police surveiance. He was teaching everyday from six in the morning till noon in his private school and library till before he died.

We had a lot of memories together and he was very close to my heart. His love and respect for me as a member of the Family of the Prophet PBUH was beyond description. He asked me several times for an ijaza and insisted; and I gave it to him just to please him; as he himself was a great scholar but with qualities which are rare in our time, one of them was modesty.

Last time I spoke to him was two weeks before his stroke; I phoned him from Sweden and his voice was frail. As soon as I heard the news of his stroke, I travelled to South of Turkey to see him; it was not easy to see him lying in a hospital with life supporting machines. It was clear that Allah Almighty loved him and wanted him out of this world. He had the stroke in the place he loved most and in the company of his own teacher, the great 'Allamah sh. Burhaniddin, as he was his guest and they were sitting privately. He was excited and thrilled and forgot about his health. Although his doctor advised him not to travel by plane, he went to see his teacher and to attend with him the inauguration of a new madrasah. He never stopped sacrificing for this religion till he paid his life as a price, but we know that the reward Allah promised for such scholars are beyond description.

I pray that Allah Almighty grant him the highest ranks the Garden and that he be resurrected with the Prophet PBUH and his family.

We stand by and sustain his family members, especially his three sons, Muhmmad Asil, Muhammad Wasif, and Muhammad 'Akif, in their grief. And I send my sincerest condolences to his teacher the great 'Allamah Burhanuddin of Tello and to his students and friends.

We know that words seem futile now in the midst of this loss but we also know that du'a is a powerful means of requesting mercy for him and solice his family and for us all.

Therefore, I request brothers and sisters to make khatem for him and recite Yasin as many times as possible and beseech Allah to grant him the rewards. May Allah reward you all.

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