Saturday, 26 March 2011

Woe to the World

One of my poems

Woe to the world for indeed it has disgraced me
Via giving me the knowledge of the secular rather than the sacred
Embedding in me no virtue nor wisdom, but foolishness and folly
Woe to my heart for listening to the sweet melody of the world
And not listening to the odes which rhyme to the ultimate facts of divine truth and reality
Indeed now as I approach my death I only have myself to blame; my soul blames me
Undeniably I am infinitely disgraced,
I am more than a dead man living the last breaths of a life’s frivolity
It’s a poor triviality; the game of my life
I always thought of life as a trivial game, yet with every move I came closer to deaths reality
Now I hope only for a peaceful resting place, enveloped in Gods mercy

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