Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Hands that built the Kabah can rebuild Humanity : Allama Iqbal

In the words of the Muslim messenger to the court of Xerxes, Islam notion is to " lead men from the worship of Man to the worship of God, from the narrowing trivialities of life to the expanse of faith, from the injustices of creeds to the justice and equality of Islam" (Islam and the World : The rise and decline of Muslims and its effect on mankind)

For a long time bruised and maimed humanity has been crying out, in the words of Iqbal, for help, still believing that the hands that built the Kabah can rebuild humanity.

Thou art the custodian, the trustee of the Eternal order.
Thou art the right and the left flank of the Lord of the Universe;
O! thou creature of dust, thou art the Time and thou art the Earth.Drink the wine of conviction and get away from the tavern of uncertanity
Wake Up! Wake Up! from thy deep slumber
From thy deep slumber, awake, from thy deep slumber awake, awake
From thy deep slumber, from thy deep slumber awake.
I cry mercy from the wantonness of Europe.
I cry mercy from the Sheerins and Purvazes of Europe
The world has become dissolute by the dispoilation of Europe.
O! thou builder of the Kabah, arise and build a new world again

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