Friday, 31 December 2010

In Honour of the most Honoured

A man hurried out into the street of Bakkah and announced " The start of Ahmed has risen ".
The praised one had arrived. The hypocrites of the world fell silent in their trepidation.
The once mighty candle of Persia suddenly was disbanded.

Whilst Aminah RA looked down at the light in her hands and smiled. She was glowing on earth but in celestial palaces she was decorated and elevated.

From this day forward neither the Sun nor the Moon shined a brighter light, then the light of his blessed face.
They followed the command of his blessed hands, shining their light upon him.
Even clouds foam from the seas, would shelter him by their faithful shade.
The stones would send peace upon him, quietly whispering his blessed name.
The blessed tree in Yahrib tree would weep her love for him. In turn it would be so graciously comforted by him with great solace.
Drops of water, splashed from his face, would fall into eager waiting hands. Like shimmering diamonds falling from the sky, and precious pearls falling in the night.

The poor, the rich, the Arab and the Persian came from vales and cities far and wide, just to catch a glimpse of him and his beauty.
They instantly praised his blessed name and lofty rank, hoping in turn to be eternally raised by his Beloved.
Through Love of him, Arabia and its tribes had finally united.
And in the end of days, mankind will come to know that it will be saved by his Prophetic brother and his genealogical race.
Muhammed (pbuh) is his blessed name. To honour is to love.

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