Friday, 20 November 2009

Book: Alchemist Reviewed

When one first picks up Paulo Coelho's Alchemist by looking at the orange book cover one wonders what to make of the book. However, although its cover is very ugly the content with in the book is certainly not.I had heard the novel was a masterpiece, before I picked it up. Now I truly know why.I love the fact the author uses his knowledge of Religion and his travels in the book. It is really simply and elegantly written so you absorb everything.This really opens ones imagination.The book is a book of life, it can teach you many lesson of life, the central lesson that runs through the book is whatever you aspire to do in your life, at least try to make an effort to achieve it. And, if you to, then life in turn will use all of its power to help you achieve your goal."To realize ones Personal Legend is a persons only obligation. And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it" Unlike other books that have numerous characters, that you can not keep up with in the novel.In contrast, the Alchemist does not.There very few characters but all have an important part to play. The main character is a Spanish Andalusian boy called Santiago. Although the reader only knows his name at the end of the book.Throughout the book he is just called Boy.Anyway, the boy is an Sheppard, who was training to be a priest.However, as the boy wanted to see Spain he goes against his fathers wishes.With the courage of an adventure he travels from city to city, picking up life's lessons along the way.However, while sleeping in a derelict Spanish church he has a dream that changes the course of his life. He is told that he has to pursue his Personal Legend by a Gypsy women full of wisdom and a mysterious King.To cut a long story short, the boy travels to Tangier in Africa, to achieve his dream. While in Tangier the boy loses his money, and this results in him getting a work for a crystal merchant.The merchant teaches him special lessons for the journey ahead.But, he falls in many predicaments and travels to the land of the Pyramids. On the way to the Pyramids, the boy while traveling with a dusty caravan meets an Englishman who is trying to become a Alchemist and disclose the Philosophers Stone. From the Englishman the boy learns about a old Alchemist who has unlocked the Philosophers Stone. While, stopping at an oasis to seek refuge from a war the boys meets his soul mate.It is love at first sight. However, the boy must leave his beloved at the oasis in danger from the war. To discover his personal legend with the wary old Alchemist. Once his discovers his personal legend he realizes things of inward and outward knowledge changing his observation on life.Does he get the girl? Does he live?

A great novel that will surely change our look on life if it does not it will at least be a good read.

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I'm writing from the Bay Area, California. You have a very nice blog maashaa'allah. I just discovered it today after all these years.

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