Tuesday, 8 September 2009


No Logo is really a journalistic savvy inspiring, and altogether pioneering work of cultural criticism that investigates money, marketing, and the anti-corporate movement. No Logo will challenge and enlighten students of sociology, economics, popular culture, international affairs, and marketing; in addition, to changing your buyer behavior. I must admit now after reading it I have changed the way I look at advertising and I am now much more introspective. The book exposes the exploitative measures of branded companies such as Nike, Wal-Mart, Shell et al in a refreshing manner. It argues that People who purchase branded goods are "buying into a life-style" and those who buy, for example, Hilfiger become “little Tommys.” Naomi Klein is very critical of designer clothing companies who exploit its laborers to produce cheaper goods in order to increase sales and have a huge impact. The book is unique and quite personal as it gives you real life case studies as Klein takes you along with her in her travels giving personal and poignant accounts. Its makes you realize that the manner in which our goods are made is inhumane and down right wrong. Designer clothing and sports shoes are examples where multinational companies close down factories and use sweatshop labor in Asia, mainly China, the Philippines and Mexico. With the jobs and wealth these companies bring to the respective countries, many governments just turn a blind eye and therefore let the companies do what they crave. Klein visited several factories and gives horrific accounts of ill treatment of mainly women workers in these factories, such as pregnant girls who are frightened to reveal their condition for fear of the sack and cases where babies are born at work and mothers who have died because working for exhausting periods of time. These sweatshop practices of long hours, banned labor organization takes you straight back to the 19th century industrial revolution. The negative aspects of the book is probably its size, if your not into reading then this book will take you a very long time as it in size 10 Time Roman with an enormous thirty five lines on every page. But even if you read half or twenty five percent of this persuasive advertisement I assure your consumer behavior and thinking will change.

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