Friday, 3 April 2009

Greatness is not of the World, but of the Heart

Each of us can light our own candle, in our own way. We may feel that we have little power to change the destiny of the world, but it is through individuals that the world is changed. One little burning match can start a forest fire. You do not need to be famous or honored to change the world. You need only to be you. As a cab driver, or a housewife, or a tailor, you can bless the world fully.Greatness is not of the world, but of the heart. The real evangelism starts with one's own self. Before I offer others salvation, I must have found it myself. Instead of eradicating sinners from the world, I must first eradicate anger, pettiness, and bigotry from myself. Before I can build a house of worship to the Lord, I must first consecrate the temple of my own body and soul. Before I can preach, I must practice. [Cohen, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore]

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