Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Anguish of Bullying

By my dear friend Nadir Patel (May God always protect him)

Concrete barriers imposed by those who do not understand,
Prejudice and bigotry is rife,
The stench of malicious intent feverously envelops the land,
Gnawing away the pleasures of life.

Where once, zeal for knowledge was an attribute cherished,
It is now a passionate symbol of hate.
How the ideals and morals of a generation have perished
Such is the inevitability of fate.

Under the guise, deceitful, of an ideal instrument of learning,
The foundations for tragedy are laid,
Yet there is a light, radiant, to which my heart is yearning
In hope this sorrow shall fade.

A vision of the future appears, cleansing previous fears and woes
Become mere fragments of the past
Reconciling, putting forth the hand of friendship to former foes
Finally, friends at last.

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