Thursday, 8 January 2009

Why Isreal's actions in Gaza undermines Anne Frank

With Israel's latest military actions in Gaza and the bloodshed it has caused to innocent children (the children killed in the UN school Israel bombed), I can not help but think of the holocaust and Anne Frank. Many people may say that these two inhumane circumstances are totally different and it is unfair to compare them. My answer is that is true and I agree they are different.However, at the same time they are very similar. I just think that it is so sad that the world has been witnessing another holocaust and we the international community have done nothing to stop it.Will history judge us the same way, it has those European countries that watched Hitlers rise, and did not challenge him strongly enough to stop the brutal mass murderer.Will the international community be another Neville Chamberlains coming home with a piece of paper that means nothing.A promise of peace, an end to violence, a ceasefire between both sides.My fear is that we will be another Neville Chamberlain, coming home with false promises.If a ceasefire does happen, it will stop the violence temporally.Until, the worlds eyes is off Gaza that's when the calamity will start all over again.But, its OK as it does not affect us right ?

Anne Frank was a normal 13 year old teenager who happened to live in extraordinary and sinister times. She had dreams and aspirations for herself.On her 13Th birthday party she was given a diary that would change her life and be a constant reminder to us that we should never let anything happen like that again. When her diary abruptly ends she is just 15.When people read this amazing book they are shocked, because they can imagine their childhood. Annie was a normal teenager, rebellious, rube and extremely stroppy.Nearly a million people visit Anne's home in Amsterdam every year to remember her and her story.As I type this I am wondering how many Anne's Franks have Israel killed, how many have Hamas killed as they fire there rockets?If Anne was living with us today I just know she would be devastated at what is occurring.I end with what the Prophet peace be upon him said :

" Hearts naturally love those who are kind to them and loathe those who are cruel " Al- Bayhaqi

If we don't have humanity, how can we have peace?

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