Thursday, 20 November 2008

Poem about Bullying

A Poem by my little cousin, God bless her .........

They call me a megabyte
Because they think I am bright
The numbers on the page wave at me with delight
My literature continues to inscribe, my pen never stops; my literature points its pen at me

My cheeks are so very chubby
And my body is round
I get called fatty this makes me put on a big frown
What is the need to go to school?
When you just get shoved and pushed around like a fool
This matter is so frustrating, that my nights are getting freightening

I am always thinking thinking
Till my brain is going to explode
This drains me and makes me feel very low
Suddenly I feel the freeze
My legs are jelly knees

What a way to the day
Cyber, physical and verbal
What do you care?
Just remember if you

By Shakeela Sheikh, Age 11

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