Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Boom Review:Sacred & Profane

Killerman’s Scared and Profane is not really one story it is two stories in twined at the same time. Its main character is about detective sergeant Ducker and Pete Ducker who is struggling between his no faith and love. The story is brilliantly written, Killerman is a true story teller of the highest ability. It is really two stories, one a murder story with much twist and turns which will make your stomach turn, written in graphic detail very scatological indeed. In contrast, the other story is also about Pete Ducker relationship between Rina Lazarus, her young sons, his courting and emotional relationship with the Orthodox Jewish window. Ducker is lost in between his two complicated lives trying to find spirituality and increase his presence with the Divine in order to win Rina and her sons, his true love. But, being a gentile and trying to master Hebrew a foreign language it is extremely difficult. As well as being a father of a pretty sixteen year, divorced and an LA detective on a murder trail that is dangerous and starting to challenge the status co, it takes its toll. The book is powerfully written and not to long yet not to short but I think has captured the right balance. It really makes you wonder how life can be if you make the wrong decisions and meet the wrong people. I like the fact that the author has introduced her Jewish roots; it gives you a better understanding of the religion and the Jewish life style dismantling the stereotypes further adding another dimension to the book. This book is not for the faint hearted and deals with many of the vices of society from alcoholism to pornography, in a way it indirectly shows the affects and consequences that these vices have on our society. All I can say that it is well worth a read; deep, powerful and still romantic some how.

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