Sunday, 20 April 2008

Halfe- Caste By John Agard

John Agard

I first read this poem when I was in Secondary school.I absolutely loved it. I love the way it is written, so authentic . I really think that the meaning of the poem is very deep. After thinking about it I have decided not to use to the term half-caste because I think its racist. The term Hafe Caste if you reflect after reading this poem does not even make sense.Every time I read the poem it still streaks me.

Excuse me

standing on one leg

I'm half-caste
Explain yuself

wha yu mean

when yu say half-castey

u mean when picasso

mix red an green

is a half-caste canvas

explain yuself

wha u mean

when yu say half-castey

u mean when light an shadow

mix in de sky

is a half-caste weather

well in dat case

england weather nearly always half-caste

in fact some o dem cloud

half-caste till dem overcast

so spiteful dem dont want de sun pass

ah rass

explain yuself

wha yu mean

when yu say half-caste

yu mean tchaikovsky

sit down at dah piano

an mix a black key

wid a white key

is a half-caste symphony
Explain yuself

wha yu mean

Ah listening to yu wid de keen

half of mih ear

Ah looking at u wid de keen

half of mih eye

and when I'm introduced to yu

I'm sure you'll understand

why I offer yu half-a-hand

an when I sleep at night

I close half-a-eye

consequently when I dream

I dream half-a-dream

an when moon begin to glow

I half-caste human being

cast half-a-shadow

but yu come back tomorrow

wid de whole of yu eye

an de whole of yu ear

and de whole of yu mind
an I will tell yu

de other half

of my story

By John Agard

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