Saturday, 15 December 2007

Guess Who's Building A Green City

It seems that everyone is going green, its about time to. The world is facing a massive threat from Global Warming.I personally think that Global warming is a much bigger threat then terrorism. We are all experiencing Global warming in our lives. From extremely hot Summers to dreadful Winters. We have never seen so many natural disasters occur in the last 50 years. It is really unbelievable. In my life time there has been large tsunamis, severe droughts, sinister floods, destructive earthquakes, even a tornado near where I live and I am still only 20. It is about time the world, starts to take Global warming seriously. I am not just jumping on the green bandwagon. Everyone that knows me, knows I have being saying it for years. I see Global warming as a opportunity to unify different countries, that normally would not get along. The earth is green and beautiful lets keep it that way.

Can you imagine a entirely Green city ?

No, I can " Masdar " remember the name.
Building an entirely Green city is what the tiny emirate state of Abu Dhabi plans to do. I personally think its a great idea. The emirate is pouring billions into renewable- and sustainable-energy technologies, stimulating precisely those industries that ultimately could challenge oil's dominance. We could only be a couple of years away from the first entirely Green city, God Willing.

Green City & Eco-Oasis In Abu Dhabi ......Please See Link,1518,523319,00.html

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